Orion Dissects SEOs Keyword Competitiveness Calculations

Feb 25, 2005 • 8:23 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Keyword Research

The resident PhD, Orion, over at the Search Engine Watch Forums, provides an insight into search engine optimization that many SEOs do not think about. In his latest thread named What is Keyword Competitiveness?, Orion says that two popular keyword analysis techniques used by SEOs are "based on speculations" and is an "exercise in futility."

The two methods he dislikes include: (1) Combining Google and Overture keyword volumes and (2) Building a composite metric from keyword tools that have data from "dissimilar meta engines". Well most of the tools we have use "dissimilar meta engines".

I'll quote his explanation and then you can battle it out at the thread.

Combining two different or more metrics, some representing document counts and others representing query volume from dissimilar databases (Google with Overture or several meta engines), seem to be an exercise in futility: e.g., two dissimilar analytics from two different stores are combined and taken for a fair metric. Surprisingly, many SEOs/SEMs use and defend this approach, even when the arguments are based on formulas made out of thin air. Purely and simply: based on speculations.

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Natasha Robinson

02/25/2005 04:35 pm

Howdy Y'all, I wrote about this on monday in a reply to Dan's post on Keyword research. (http://www.sitepoint.com/blog-post-view.php?id=235704#comments) I'm glad that we are finally discussing this, as I feel dependence on tools and increased usage of the SAME tools within this industry is skewing "guestimates" of keyword popularity... As I wrote in my comments to Dan, the answer as I currently see it is in access to logfiles... I could say more but then I'd have to kill you - lol... and I will leave my soap box now! Cheers! Natash Robinson

Barry Schwartz

02/25/2005 04:52 pm

Thanks Natasha - Log Files are Gold.


03/11/2005 01:29 am

Thanks, Natasha You are absolutely right. Orion

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