Are You Switching to MSN?

Feb 9, 2005 • 10:10 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Bing Search

There is no doubt that most, if not all, SEOs are very pleased with how MSN Search is treating their Web pages. But does that make MSN more relevant? I won't be the one to say, yes, MSN Search is more relevant then Google, Yahoo or even Ask Jeeves. I was a bit surprised to see the reaction of some SEOs over at SEO Chat forums that said they are Switching to MSN.

It is one thing to be pleased with your rankings on a search engine. But to switch to a search engine because your highly optimized pages are doing well in the engine? That is just pride. Which makes me think...

Marketing... Relevancy... Marketing...

Which leads me back to an entry I wrote a while back about Relevancy's Importance in Microsoft's Quest. I am still scared.

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Frank Kilkelly

02/09/2005 10:12 pm

Sure MSN Search is suiting the needs of SEOs more but the search results are still in Beta IMHO. My sites are ranking better in MSN but when it comes to searching I will still use Google, and to a lesser extent Yahoo!, over MSN at the present time.


02/09/2005 10:47 pm

I did not make the switch to MSN because my web sites were ranking higher on MSN vs. Google. Most of my important sites are ranked #1 in Google. I just find that MSN provides better results based on my local searches, and this is what it comes down to for me. If I can't find companies selling "chocolate bars" on Google using the first page, then something is going wrong. MSN provides me with websites catering to my corporate "chocolate bars" needs. Note, I do not have, or have anything to do with chocolate bars. I'm just using this as an example. Test it for yourselves.


02/10/2005 05:31 am

It seems that in Google's quest to stop blackhat SEO's (sometimes I think they dont like whitehats either) they have also taken a huge hit on their relevancy. There is definetly something wrong with Google's search. I find myself more and more having to use Yahoo and MSN to find what I'm looking for. They seem to give results like Google used to a couple years ago. Today's Google feels like a toned down version of the 'Florida' update.

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