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I must quote Jeremy, "Goodbye Mapquest", and hello Google Maps. I am messing around with it, this is really extremely easy to use, and its so damn geeky! I did a search on my company, "rustybrick, suffern, ny", and it brought up related matches and the exact match as letter "A". Then I clicked on A and it plotted it on the map, actually, just check out what I did with this little movie I made in QuickTime format named Google Maps to RustyBrick (12MB).

Current forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and Search Engine Watch and JimWorld so far.

It is also always great to hear what Danny has to say about these things.

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Yosef Haas

02/08/2005 02:41 pm

Interestingly, if you google "2 Executive Blvd, Suffern, 10901" they still provide links to Yahoo and Mapquest maps. I assume that will change pretty soon (contractual obligations not withstanding).

Barry Schwartz

02/08/2005 03:14 pm

Interesting indeed, thanks! Nice find. Mapquest currently lives. :)

Frank Patrick

02/08/2005 08:24 pm

Friendly and geeky, yes, but the directions it provides -- whooh boy -- I put in my usual test from my home in central jersey to my shore place in south jersey, and it managed to have me hit rt 1, the turnpike, 295, AC expressway, and the garden state parkway for a 116 mile route. My regular route does pass over a short bit of 295 (along with 206, 30, 50, 422 and 9) but that's about it for their recommendation. And my route is only 105 miles.


02/11/2005 06:54 am

Someone has been nice enough to dissect Google maps for us (much like the gmail and select analysis)

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