Ask Jeeves Acquires Bloglines

Feb 6, 2005 • 9:48 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under - Ask Jeeves

This is what is coming across the news wire, originally from Napsterization, who said this is supposed to be announced this coming Tuesday, Ask Jeeves will acquire Bloglines. I did scratch my head when the two links on the main navigation at the new Ask Jeeves Blog were to Bloglines. Also, if this is true, it would be great for Ask Jeeves. I believe that the majority of my RSS reader blog traffic comes from Bloglines, I do not know for sure if Bloglines is the most widely used RSS reader out there.

Josh from RepriseMedia posted this news at the Search Engine Watch Forums as well as at his blog named SearchViews. It also looks like the major news wires are picking it up, such as BusinessWeek.

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02/06/2005 05:38 pm

Hi, I did not find your e-mail on this site so, please, forgive me for publishing it here. I'm shocked. is no longer accessible. I get "Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server" message. Do you know what is wrong?

Barry Schwartz

02/06/2005 08:16 pm

Olga, seems to be fine for me.


02/07/2005 02:48 pm

Anyone know what the selling price was? Is bloglines even profitable? I have no idea what bloglines would be worth to a company like AskJeeves.

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