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Even before MSN Launched there has been a lot of chatter about what works well in MSN. There are many, many threads out there with ideas and tips, here is a listing of a few:

Here is a quick list from these threads: - inbound anchor text seems to be huge - msn treats graphic links well - freshness of the links (do they dare deploy temporal link analysis? - doubt it) - on page seems to be looked at, but not as much as those fancy links

Check the forums for more.

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02/03/2005 05:00 pm

Could you please precise what you mean with "inbound anchor text"? Does a page ranks better if there are some good anchor text on it? I know that anchor text of backlinks (links towards a page) importance is huge.

Barry Schwartz

02/03/2005 05:07 pm

Having links to your page with keyword rich anchor text. Like, if you sell "Online Degrees" you want to have lots of links to your site with "Online Degrees" as the linkt text. People are also saying that the outbound links on the page matter, but this is forum chatter.

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