Google Beta Tests New AdSense Ads

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This is pretty cool, Google is beta testing the functionality to allow Web visitors to change the ads served up by Google AdSense. For example, you see an ad and it reads "Change to Ads About:" with a listing of related ad topics. When you click on a different topic, it then allows you to "Enter a different topic" and search on it. Here is an example site, look at the left hand skyscraper ads, scroll down to under the Google Ad and then click on that "Change to Ads About" option. You will see what I am talking about, if not, here is an image that will clarify.


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Sebastien Billard

01/25/2005 02:35 pm

I doubt users take time to fill a form to be served ads...


01/25/2005 03:26 pm

AdSense has been beta testing this since last October. I took some screen shots of the various styles of rad links in action back then (there is not always a search box, or there is also a search box alone).

Barry Schwartz

01/25/2005 03:38 pm

Jenstar, its an honor to have the AdSense guru here. Great insight, thank you for sharing.

mark maunder

03/30/2005 05:23 am

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01/18/2006 07:45 am

I am actually thinking whether it is worth the effort of promoting goole ads. Now content ads generate pennys and search ads are costly. What google trying to do is finding ways to earn more money on search ads. I mean to make the user click on them. I feel that google is trying to get rich at the expense of adsense advertisers. I do not see a win-win situation here.

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