Cre8asite Adds Large-scale Web Directories Forum

Jan 24, 2005 • 10:27 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under SEO & SEM Forum News

Cre8asite Forum added a new forum (or changed the name of an old forum, I forget) - Large-scale* Web Directories. The * stands for, This forum is for the discussion of large-scale web directories, such as DMOZ, Zeal, and similar. *A large-scale directory is one with more than 10 full-time (paid) editors, or more than 100 part-time or volunteer editors (note: self-submittors do not count as editors).

So you can expect directories such as Yahoo (paid), DMOZ (more then 100 volunteers) and other directories like those to be discussed in that forum.

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01/25/2005 01:58 am

Hi Barry, The change is one that we had been considering for a fair amount of time. The forum formerly was specifically for DMOZ, but we felt that wasn't broad enough, and we were missing out on some discussions that we might otherwise have about other directories. Thanks for reporting the change.

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