When Is It Not Worth Going After a Keyword Phrase?

Jan 18, 2005 • 11:14 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Keyword Research

When conducting your keyword research, some of the criteria one looks at is WordTracker data (or overture keyword suggestion tool) to determine the number of people searching on a specific keyword term. Often when looking at a very specific keyword, such as Big Blue Pineapple Chair, you will find that both WordTracker and Overture report that no one searches on that. But that does not mean you should not target that keyword phrase. If I sell Big Blue Pineapple Chairs and there is a person looking to buy a Big Blue Pineapple Chair, then that having a page on Big Blue Pineapple Chairs is a great way to easily find a new customer.

One thing the Keyword Research experts have taught me (Dan Thies & Andy Beal to name a few), is that you should not be afraid to think outside the box. Be specific, be creative, and think like your potential buyer would.

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01/19/2005 08:27 am

Specifics are important. I know some people run Google Adwords campaign to see what quality of traffic a keyword delivers before optimizing for it.

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