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Cristian Mezei

04/20/2005 09:38 pm

Features a searchable, spam-free, human-edited directory of the Web. Categorized by topics. All submissions are free, but only accepted under strict editor guidelines


05/25/2005 02:49 am

Hi Rusty, thought i would ad vfunk directory to the list of free directoies. Niche market dance music. Many Thanks

Marcus Westberg

09/30/2005 01:35 pm

I would be glad if you could add my directory to the directory list, my adress: Marcus Westberg


10/21/2005 08:44 pm - another free directory


08/10/2006 01:44 pm

Hi, here's an interesting directory.

David Smith

11/23/2006 05:21 pm

financial web directory of quality family-friendly and spam-free sites organized by multiple category.

David Smith

12/04/2006 07:03 pm

Webmaster tools directory divided into handy categories in webdevelopment web design search engine optimization tools


08/02/2011 03:32 pm

 Do you have a list for specialty directories too?

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