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I have asked Paul Forster to provide a summary of a new search vertical for the job market named,

Indeed is a search engine for jobs; a window to search all jobs on the web. Indeed enables you to search millions of jobs across all career fields - jobs that are listed on job boards, newspaper sites, and niche sites. In one simple search, you can find the very latest job listings throughout the web. You may save your searches and have jobs delivered to you by email alert or RSS. For example, here are results for a Search Engine Marketing job search.


Indeed's unique technology combines a simple interface, precision search and comprehensive coverage. Launched in November, 2004, is currently in Beta. The founders of the company, Paul Forster and Rony Kahan, also founded the leading finance job site, Jobsinthemoney, in 1998. Having run Jobsinthemoney for six years, they are applying their knowledge and experience to Indeed. They aim to change the way people search for jobs; to make job searching much easier, faster and more accurate.

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bernice hayes

12/03/2007 09:02 pm

need more jobs

Maryanne Regan

01/27/2008 12:58 pm

i was receiving email alerts from indeed; however in the past week or so i am no longer receiving them. i relied on these alerts tremendously in my job search. can you help? thanks


05/28/2009 04:34 am

I too was receiving mail alerts from alert@indeed and I am no longer getting them, what is going on

Laura petsch

06/12/2009 06:19 pm

I would like to get a job in a offices here in knoxville,TN

Gail Donaldson

06/18/2009 05:36 pm

I am getting emails of job postings; but I am no longer able to open the job posting.

David Paroni

09/01/2009 10:08 pm

I was receiving alerts from Indeed ..I am no longer getting them ...WHY?

freddie fulson

10/30/2009 05:09 pm

I was at email and I am in delaware ohio and seeking marketing position and management.


11/04/2009 10:59 am

I'm honest and laborious man. I have good knowledge in area of library & information science

Carol A Dickson

11/10/2009 09:38 pm

I want to get started with my new email for alert indeed like i had for my old email?


12/25/2009 06:44 pm

I want to join new email ID in

devin theberge

01/19/2010 03:05 am

I am a hardworking individual in need of a job.

Christopher Valla

01/23/2010 10:28 pm

I need a technical job in maintenance i.e. building operator/ building maintenance worker or maintenance electrician in facility/ property management/ commercial/ hotel jobs & industrial or manufacturing environment.

Steve Grossman

02/18/2010 06:13 am

I too was receiving mail alerts from alert@indeed and I am no longer getting them, could you start sending me these alerts again.


06/02/2010 08:50 am

i want electrical maintanance job any were in the world....


06/05/2010 01:32 pm

i want job packing (tablet division) pharmacutical any were in the world

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