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This was way too funny for me not to mention here. Let me warn you, that this site will use language that, 5 years ago, would not be suitable for your kids. Give Aks Jeeves a spin.


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bob mac

03/26/2008 09:33 am

stop this political correctness, bring back our old white man


03/26/2008 11:33 pm

everyone knows if you want the TRUTH ask a black man. o yeah - go Obama!!!


03/27/2008 07:05 am

u got to be shitting me im in iraq getting shot at uand back home u all are fight over the color of a carton its a search engine get something better to fight about people are dieing for this kinda freedom


03/28/2008 03:08 am

as a black person i am offended by this. this is not politically correct. it perpetuates the stereotype that black people are ignorant and less intellegent than whites. for the record, i don't say aks. i say ask.


03/29/2008 06:25 pm

how do i transfer a picture of an item i want to sell from word to ebay


04/02/2008 06:00 pm

ok ya'll is just crazy ya'll is racist as fuck!!! I'm black & if u got sumthin 2 say about neblack person then ya'll need 2 get shot!! FUCK WHITE PPL!!!


07/15/2008 12:25 am

1. this is a joke 2. if u want jeeves back post yes and if dont post no 3. ask is way better than google ,and u will c what i am talking once u use it


07/15/2008 12:27 am

use ask


07/15/2008 12:28 am

if u want jeeves back post yes if u dont want him back post no


11/07/2008 04:08 pm

yall need to shut up i like the new jeeve and i'm black iwish a nigga would say somthing to me smart


11/13/2008 10:00 pm

yo too bad for black man u don't change him back u can suck my poop loser. it is your color brown and black idiots black people suck dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


11/18/2008 02:18 am

this is stup i just need to ask a Q


11/20/2008 09:06 pm

Who knows? It could be a white person who got rid of the white jeeves, and made a black one, and knows that many people would be upset. And all you guys could be arguing for no damn reason! Ill check out the new one to see how it works...


11/20/2008 09:09 pm

Go robinson!!!!!!


11/20/2008 09:14 pm

I see theres alot of racist people. To:auston- Dont like black people, dont use the word yo. Speak your caveman language!


12/11/2008 04:01 pm

Whats up with this bull jive we need the homie back.. so we ask someone a question ya dig. So calm down with your gayness and listen up. We need are nigga back. So Holla Back Be easy its Bjeezy

Joseph Myers

03/12/2009 01:01 pm

If I find out who said fuck white people, I'm going to go on a fucking hanging spree...goddamn nigers!!!!!!!!

Joseph Myers

03/12/2009 01:05 pm

I realy don't care what damn color this Jeeves is but yall need to calm the fuck down ok? I mean realy, yall bichen over something so piontless that I took the time to write this fucking message.

lone wolf

03/12/2009 01:11 pm

hey, i saw the mesage that joseph sent and i think he got a point if you fight over something so stupid then blacks and whites will start there own war and i don't have enough ammo to keep those opposing blacks of the streets

Edward Cullen lover

04/01/2009 10:24 pm

Do u all realize what ur fighting about?!?!?! Your fighting over a stupid cartoon! Maybe a black person made that just to have some fun!! And honestly, for that person who said white people suck and that were racists,and that we think ur dumb, we got over it a long time ago. Will you?


04/02/2009 12:04 pm

u might not know it buddy but all these people think that they are better than the other so no matter what u say to them it's going to go in one ear and out the other


04/30/2009 01:32 pm



05/21/2009 07:37 pm

stop the fuckin hating dum ass races


05/21/2009 07:38 pm

stop the fuckin hating dum ass races


12/11/2009 03:57 pm

dis guy is stupid bring da old jeeves back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


12/23/2010 03:22 pm

It's just fun. Get over it,many White people and black people are racist but when it comes to pussy most guys don't mind fucking it whatever the colour...DOUBLE STANDARDS.


07/21/2011 11:10 am

fuck you

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