Yahoo's Anti-Spy Toolbar Problems

Aug 8, 2004 • 9:50 am | comments (8) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Yahoo News

I am still getting out of the SES conference mode. Tomorrow, I will get back to the SEM forum coverage. Just one news item that caught my eye, in light of this past week. Yahoo's, this week, has repeatedly talked about how its anti-spy toolbar was one of his latest and greatest applications. Even at the "executive roundtable" session, when asked about the top features released by their engines, the Yahoo! rep brought up the toolbar.

Now, I see an article at C|Net named Yahoo's Anti-Spy toolbar feature buggy. What a shame, and I quote, "Yahoo on Friday confirmed that its recently released toolbar has mistakenly linked an alleged spyware program with a product that has nothing to do with the application in question."

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02/06/2005 09:12 pm

i have downloaded yahoo anti-spy toolbar several times and can't get the toolbar to show up and can't get any of the yahoo toolbars to show up at all

khaled darwish

02/12/2005 09:02 am

i want get the full free anti spy


04/01/2005 02:10 am

I can not unload the tool bar from my hardrive. Ian having a lot of problems on the internet sence I loaded it.


10/08/2005 02:44 pm

every time i download yahoo toolbar i cant find it. never. and i really get tired of trying i have to go in and delete it and try again. but nothing... thanks

William Ferry

01/16/2008 09:14 pm

I cannot download both Toolbar And Anti Spy ware Toolbar comes up but Antispy does not come up.What is my problem


02/15/2008 09:39 am

why Yahoo makes problem for us. I can not delete Yahoo tollbar from my computer. Is there any solution of this problem. Please help many of comouters users. Thanking you in anticipation.


02/21/2008 03:07 pm

i would like to get tool bar with norton on it to keep my toolbar safe i been trying to down load it but it wont down load


03/21/2011 03:35 pm

Even though the anti-spy tool bar was installed. The anti-spy icon is NOT on the tool bar. I've checked the contr0l panel and it indicates it has been installed. Yet it is not on the tool bar.

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