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Why do some Google AdWords ads show at the top of the Google search results and some show only on the right? This question was the first question asked and answered to the AdWordsRep at the Search Engine Watch forums.

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The only ads that can show above the main serps at the top of are the ones that meet both of the following criteria: (1) be reviewed and approved, and (2) meet an additional performance bar that focuses on relevancy - rather than what you're paying

The AdWordsRep further clarifies:

Ads on the right are positioned by virtue of two factors, measured equally. These factors are Maximum CPC and CTR. Max CPC x CTR = your rank number. And it is your rank number as compared to your competitors rank numbers that determines position.

Ads going to the top, however, weigh CTR (which is a measure of the relevance of your ads to users) more heavily than CPC. And rather than Maximum CPC, it is the actual CPC that matters.

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03/05/2007 02:21 am

I have heard about a trick you can use for getting an ad to be at the top in blue instead of being at the right column. If you are trying to put an ad on a search page that currently does not have any ads (eg. search the term "upcoming actress" in google) you can set up your adsense ad differently. you have to type {keyword:new}Upcoming Actress The {stuff in here} will not show up. I tried this and it looked like it would work, but sometimes I still see the ad coming up as this: new Upcoming Actress Has anyone heard about this tool or had any experience with this or any advice?? Mucho Gracias!

Bob Jenson

10/18/2009 02:35 am

Great article! I was indeed wondering about the ads on top of the serps.


07/15/2010 08:21 pm

This has helped.

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