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I am writing this entry for one of my clients that tends to be a fairly novice Web user. Basically, I told him that he has to go out and ask his vendors and other sites to link to his Web site. But the client did not understand what a link means. I showed him by clicking on external sites that had a link to my Web site, he understood that. What he did not understand was how he asks people to get links. So I decided to write up a little thing on what is a Web link from a really non-techy point. I will then send a link to this write up, to my client's email address (kind of ironic).

First, lets look at the Google Dictionary definition of a Web link. "Clickable reference attached to highlighted words or an image that contains the URL (address) of a web document. Click the links to jump from page to page on the Internet."

The picture below shows four Web pages; page A in blue, page B in red, page C in green and page ME in black. Pages A, B and C are my client's friends, vendors or external sites that he will ask to link to his Web page named "ME" (the black box). He will email, call or fax these people who have Web sites, politely asking them to put a link on their pages to his Web page at http://www.mysite.com/.


The message you give to your friends, vendors or external sites who are willing to link to you is as follows. "Please place a link on your Web page or Web pages that have a link with keyword abc to my site at http://www.mysite.com/." Replace "keyword abc" with your sites main keyword phrase and replace "http://www.mysite.com/" with your Web page's address.

If they ask you for the code, use the following: <a href="http://www.mysite.com/">keyword abc</a>.

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