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I thought I have seen it all. DigitalPoint's Forum is now splitting its AdSense banners 50/50 with those who start the threads at the forum. If you don't know the owner of DigitalPoint, he is a very talented programmer and comes up with many creative ideas. This latest idea is to allow register members to share in the revenue generated at the forums by enabling them to enter in their AdSense publisher IDs. All threads you start will have a 50/50 chance of being your AdSense ad. You can even enter in a channel id to track the revenue separately.

I tested it out, you will need at least 50 posts to qualify and all past threads will be retroactively instated the day of post number 50. Below is a screen shot where I highlighted my publishers ID in the status bar. Click on the image for a larger view.

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I asked Shawn Hogan, the owner of DigitalPoint, what was it that made him want to work on this task. He said simply, "because it was a fun programming project." But I think the real reason is because no one did it before.

For more information visit the thread.

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