Who is the Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert?

Mar 7, 2004 • 8:21 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under SEM / SEO Companies

Cre8asite Forums has a thread that discusses who is the ultimate SEO, Who is da' MAN!!!!!?????. Names such as Danny Sullivan, Ammon Johns, Detlev Johnson, and Jim Wilson (who past away but will always be remembered). Ammon Johns from what I have heard around the industry is today's leader in search engine optimization. He will probably kill me for saying so in such a public area, but I do hear wonderful things.

I spoke with Ammon on the phone a month or so ago. He is not only a great SEO, he is a giving person. Besides for the 4,163 posts at Cre8asite Forums under the screen name Black_Knight (you see he didn't even use a hyphen in his name - he is so humble), he has helped dozens of experts learn more. In addition, he won't ever say he is the best and won't ever say anything bad on an other person. He is someone to look up to in this industry.

Here is to the best!

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03/30/2007 12:25 pm

Id say Danny Sullivan find me on Danny's blog http://daggle.com/ ;-)

Michael Benin

01/06/2009 04:27 pm

Well who wants to pay for search engine optimization? Nobody. If you ask me as long as you have the right keywords in your page title, the right meta tags, readable crawler text and a robots.txt file you are good to go. Honestly the best way to boost your business is word of mouth. Apply the golden rule with correct services and you ar good to go.

The SEO Expert

07/13/2011 04:28 pm

I am working in/on this position ;-)

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