Yahoo! to Switch to Inktomi Results in Q1 2004

Jan 16, 2004 • 8:13 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Yahoo News

As most of you already know, Yahoo! announced two days ago that it will be dropping the Google organic results from its search and switching to its own search acquired back over a year ago from Inktomi. The CEO of Yahoo!, Terry Semel made this statement on January 14th 2004.

SEOs have been preparing for this transition for a while but as you can imagine this announcement had a major impact at the SEO forums. SEO Chat member hotwheel announced the news related in the Google News forum a day ago, Yahoo on Wednesday said it will drop Google during the first quarter of 2004. This announcement and the speculation that grew up to this point generated many topics in the Inktomi Forum at SEO Chat.

Check these threads out, its worthwhile reading. Our own Phoenix, Ben, has been a leading contributor here and at SEO Chat in providing the answers to those in need of a Inktomi specialist.

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Robert Johnson

05/16/2008 09:59 am

Working in the industry for a number of years now and learning more and more everyday is not only to me a "buzz" and a mental challenge, its something that i love and can't get enough of. Basically a large thank you to the world wide web for making the life of a website owner a massive challenge.

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