Google Forcing AdWords Advertisers Into Google TV Ads

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For the past several weeks, whenever I went to my AdWords account and clicked on a client from my MCC view, I was presented with a promotion to add Google TV ads into my marketing mix.

The thing is, the promotion was placed on the "Campaigns" tab and was stuck there. Clicking on the Campaigns tab did not take me to my campaigns. It felt that I had to sign up with Google TV ads in order to see my existing campaigns. I figured out a work around where I would click on the Home tab and then go to Active Campaigns" and then go through that way, but it was annoying.

Here is a screen shot of the Campaigns tab containing, even today, the TV ads promotion page:

AdWords TV Ad Push?

Now, I thought I had a caching issue with my browser, so I didn't complain and let it slide. Heck, I had my work around.

That is until I see a Google AdWords Help thread with complaints from other AdWords advertisers today. Google responded that they are aware of the issue and working on a fix.

Googler, Vincent, a Google AdWords PM said:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

This is an issue we're aware of and we'll be rolling out a fix for this shortly (this week!) that will make it straightforward to navigate back to your online campaigns. As Jan already pointed out, there is a temporary workaround:

1. Click on "Home" 2. Under "Active Campaigns" click "Online" 3. You should then be able to access and manage your online campaigns.

However, with this workaround the UI won't remember your setting so you'll need to continue to access it that way until we roll out the fix.

Best regards, Vincent

Again, this has been an issue for the past several weeks for me. The workaround is simple but I doubt everyone knows about it. Hope this helps you.

Forum discussion at Google AdWords Help .

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01/26/2011 02:58 pm

I love my Google TV. We purchased it from my employer, DISH, and I can say that we have no worries about it. I think it is easy to navigate through screens, and apps. The apps are not fully where they could be, but I am excited to see where they will be in a couple months or years. The current two that I think are awesome are the Netflix and Amazon, both run smoothly and are worth the purchase!

Ditto Effect

11/01/2011 06:31 am

Google tv ads seem weird to me.

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