Publishers: Is Google AdSense Sustainable In The Future?

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Google AdSense logoA WebmasterWorld thread has some worried and anxious publishers asking about the sustainability and viability of Google AdSense in their future.

These publishers are worried that if the trend continues and their revenue and income continue to decline as they invest more time and effort into their sites, that they won't be able to continue these efforts. One publisher said:

Is there enough of a future in Adsense that you will keep creating content even when the payback becomes smaller and smaller? For me, if things don't turn around, I could see myself killing off many future planned projects and websites that I'm passionate about but that are dependent on a Adsense for earnings. If that's all a website has for earning options, then I'm pretty much approaching putting up the closed/out of business sign. At the end of the day why would I bother creating a website with great articles that Google won't really rank.

Publishers, take my poll, I am curious:

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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06/21/2012 01:37 pm

Well, I often hear advertisers refusing to use content sites (AdSense) unless they are desperate to complete budget-spent to keep up with pacing and/or they are told to spend that and squeeze out as much traffic as possible. Almost always, the content sites suck for traffic. From the advertisers and their clients point of view, content sites are very very low value. So - think or swim. Or else - evolve or die. Bottom line, the ones with the money don't see much value in content sites.

Michael Martinez

06/21/2012 03:54 pm

Well, as a Web surfer I can only hope that the future holds less "made for AdSense" content.

Takeshi Young

06/21/2012 04:12 pm

Adsense is the lowest common denominator of internet advertising. It's easy to implement and the payments are reliable (until you get banned) but if you are serious about your internet business, you shouldn't depend on it. There are much better monetization opportunities out there than Adsense. Keep Adsense if it's working for you, but work on finding higher ROI replacements.


06/21/2012 04:33 pm

Hm .. and where do they see value ? In social ? But GM already stopped advertising on FB - no value again. So no content, no social ... where is value ?


06/21/2012 04:38 pm

It's easy to say. Unfortunately there is no real alternative to AdSense. I mean in real life, not in discussions by "experts".


06/22/2012 12:13 am

I'm on my third strand of worry beads. The trends are telling based on Googanimals.


06/22/2012 04:02 am

It depends on the type of the content site and the niche. Some readers eager for information before getting the "buy mode" and they find this information in the content site. Advertisers spend a lot of effort and money to advertise in well established authority (content) websites. Of course, when it comes to advertising on the web the first choice in many case is Adword/Adsense.

Karthik kumar

06/22/2012 07:11 am


Rob Abdul

06/22/2012 11:26 am

Very interesting opinion. What alternatives do you recommend?

Gabriel Machuret

06/24/2012 07:54 pm

I find difficult to understand how people can build a business where there ranking depends on Google, their traffic depends on Google and and the income (literally) also depends on Google.

William MATAR

04/30/2014 06:58 am

Ok there is down... but since a year it is now stable and am earning not less than 15 usd per day with my sites.. so am still thankful and satisfied

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