Google AdSense Earning Predictions Based On Simulated Experiments

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Google AdSense PredictionsA senior member at WebmasterWorld forums says that he received a message from Google within the Adsense message center informing him that if he makes a change to his site, it will result in more money.

In fact, Google said they ran simulated experiments on making the change and it led to increased earnings. Now all the publisher needs to do is implement it and see the money come in.

The Google message said:

Recommendation to opt in to image ads in a text-only ad unit. We've run a simulated experiment on your site's ad traffic. It shows that some of your ad units, which are currently enabled for text ads only, could earn more if they were also enabled for image ads.

I've never seen Google say they have run a "simulated experiment" on a site but I guess it is easy enough for them to do and then dish out automated recommendations for the publisher.

Nice to see Google AdSense making these predictions not just based off of generalities but now based off of specific case examples on your web site and your audience - at least, that is what this applies.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Update: Google just posted about this new feature on the Inside AdSense blog.

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02/21/2012 05:42 pm

Awesome, that's the new feature from Google Adsense. I haven't got it on my account yet.

Michael Thamm

02/21/2012 08:31 pm

Isn't this just an extension of the bid simulator?

Barry Schwartz

02/21/2012 08:32 pm

Don't think so.


02/21/2012 08:33 pm

Me too received an email regarding Ads, Google  suggested me to use bigger ads...

Michael Thamm

02/21/2012 08:46 pm

Although not adSense - an area of adwords that Google hasn't attempted to move into (and destroy an entire group of businesses) is the automated bid management functionality. Products like Efficient Frontier (now owned by Adobe). That would probably be win-win for Google and for the customer since the system could handle many more keywords than a mid-sized account would manage manually. When you think about it, they need to optimize on both sides of the table - adWords and adSense.

David Rothwell

02/22/2012 10:03 am

Not quite true although it's in early stages. My client was invited to participate in Google Conversion Optimizer for Display network campaigns where bid management, ad delivery, and detection of new converting websites comes into play. You have to have like 10 conversions a day from an existing Display campaign. You'll see it in the Advanced setting in the Campaign. It got off to a slow start for my client, and you really have to push it to get started and be prepared to pay more than you want to begin with, but we're finding very good, steady results from it now. I'm a strong proponent of GCO for Search campaigns where enough conversions are around to your target CPA, have been for over two years.  More here: What is the Display Campaign Optimiser?The Display Campaign Optimiser is a tool that automatically optimises both targeting and bidding to find additional conversions for your Display Network campaigns. Currently, this tool is available only to a small group of qualified advertisers, but it will become available to more advertisers over the coming months.

Robert Lawrence

02/22/2012 02:49 pm

I have seen  a growth in my Adsense earnings for "Web caches and other".  Perhaps this is the method they are using to run the "simulated experiment".  Although, I guess that wouldn't be simulated.

Sunil Tomar

03/28/2012 05:58 pm

simulated experience ?

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