Google AdSense Earnings Down? Join The Club

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Google AdSense LogoIn May, we reported that Google made adjustments to how they handle the daily reporting feature and it might result in publishers assuming their earnings are lower than they should be.

But despite those changes, June has been one of the most active months of complaints from publishers I have seen about earnings in a while.

A WebmasterWorld thread started on June 1st now has over 250 posts from publishers. Most are complaints that the earnings are much lower than previous months. Some are questions asking if the reports are stuck and not updating. And a few are happy publishers claiming their earnings are way up.

Sharing earning success and failure can be a great way to shake off some nerves and at the same time be a great support group.

I do wonder if people are comparing apples to oranges, due to the changes implemented last month or if something else is up.

How have your Google AdSense earnings been this month?

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Katinka Hesselink

06/22/2011 03:55 pm

It used to be that I saw a traffic downturn in summer, but no income downturn - advertisers paid for ads year round. These days, I see more income in winter, around Christmas, and less in summer. I think it's just that advertisers are getting smarter. 


06/22/2011 04:29 pm

Its been raining in the UK so Well up this month due to more UK'ers on the web... Simple as that for me.. About 25% up this month and not far off 30% will need to wait till the end of the month :) 

Will Spencer

06/22/2011 09:11 pm

Panda directed traffic away from the small and medium publishers who make up the bulk of AdSense publishers.  Panda redirected the traffic to large brand sites which do not normally run AdSense.  It's that simple.


06/23/2011 07:31 am

Here's a fun tidbit I can't seem to understand. One of my websites saw its highest click-through day on June 15th, 2011. Total of 23 clicks from 357 impressions.  6.4% CTR for the day and a total payout of  $0.08 Less than half a penny per click, that seems fair.


06/23/2011 12:23 pm

Adsense earning is fairly low now... For the last two months I have been receiving very low cost per click. Average number of clicks is same as it was two months ago. I think google adwords should filter out bad advertisers. 

Michael Scheel

06/23/2011 08:04 pm

My AdSense earnings dropped about 30% for the last two month but now they are climbing again. Seasons have influence on earnings too

Jesse Livermore

06/23/2011 11:54 pm

I also noticed changes with my blog at less clicks and the cost per click went way down. For those that get over 2% CTR, could you please take a look at my site and tell me what I could improve to increase the CTR? I'd really appreciate it.  


06/28/2011 03:37 pm

many trouble on adsense because google ads everyday many update


07/05/2011 03:40 am

Mine have gone down but thank goodness adsense is only a small part of my income.


08/25/2011 08:16 pm

We think that it has to do with the way google tracks traffic referrers,  if a click comes from a traffic referrer that they consider "not great" they will not count the click.  For example we did some tests, with second tier search engines, top tier engines, and email marketing.  We found out that the email marketing clicks were track normally, but the second tier or top tier search engines, were not track, or were heavily discounted.  We originally thought it was a bounce rate issue, but if clicks are counted from email marketing (we are assuming that the bounce rate is the same as targeted search marketing), then it has less to do with bounce rate and more with traffic referrers (Note: I am not saying traffic quality, because we also tested the search marketing with different affiliate offers, and the affiliate offers converted normally) To clarify on email marketing, we  are not putting ads in the email  (that's against the rules). We refer to having the link to the post on an informative newsletter (just to make that clear for people that may get confused).

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