Google AdSense Publisher Gets Greedy, Then Banned & Then Complains

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I see it all the time, complaints from Google AdSense publishers that they were banned from Google AdSense unfairly. But one story is making its rounds on Twitter and through the blogosphere.

The story is on Ducks Works Magazine and it is long, but it basically describes how he was making a nice living off of AdSense and it continued to grow. Then as his AdSense click through rate climbed, Google eventually banned him for encouraging his readers to click on his ads.

He didn't realize he was doing anything wrong and now he is banned for life. For life?

He wrote:

Then two days before Christmas I got a letter from my bank saying that the check for October – worth £1,700 had been stopped.

That is £3,700 gone from my family fiancés in the two weeks before Chisitmas.

Welcome to the world of Google. Kafka would be proud of Google, whilst Orwell would be perfectly unsurprised.

But he also admits to encouraging his readers to click on his ads. He wrote:

Oh yes, I was also running little blocks of adverts provided by Adsense and, yes, I told my subscribers that I got some money if they visited the websites of those advertisers – all of whom were interested in selling stuff to sailors.

You did that, really? And you didn't expect to be banned? Really?

Now it is Google's fault for not warning you? I know Google has warned publishers of this in the past. Did you really not get a warning? Even if you didn't, it is Google's fault?

I am sorry, I agree with the masses in the WebmasterWorld forum where they are saying "He got Greedy. Broke the rules. And he is now out."

Yup, things were going well, more clicks, more money...

I am sure after time Google will let you back in but please don't act like it is Google's fault.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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12/30/2010 04:18 pm

Google makes these rules for a reason. The AdSense people are quick to judge and fast to act so the best course of action is to always make sure you are 100% in compliance with their terms or risk being banned. There are thousands of people all over the world who do nothing but try and steal from AdSense every day. The good people over at Google have no choice but be ruthless and ban those who violate their terms.


12/30/2010 06:07 pm

I sometimes get questions from loyal site users if they could help me out by clicking on my ads. I am always very careful to tell them no, that would be click fraud, and that they should only click on an ad if they are truly interested in it.


12/31/2010 08:00 am

Read the terms and conditions, NOT THAT DIFFICULT. If it's so important to your life, you should take the 10 minutes to know the rules.


07/23/2011 06:29 pm

Regardless the strictness of google is inhuman and souless. If google ever wants to seek respect from their customers, they must improve transparency.

Lauryn Doll

11/12/2011 01:22 pm

While he was quite wrong for what he did, there's still a strong grey area in AdSense publishing period. This lack of communication that Google has between its Search & AdSense teams.... and communicated to its Publishers, most of whom can get confused by the terms and guidelines... is something that needs to be addressed. 

Lauryn Doll

11/12/2011 01:23 pm

Agreed. Google can have the rules it needs, but not without first working to improve the overall communication it has so that Publishers can understand them better.


05/24/2014 07:06 pm

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