On 9/11 Searchers Upset With Google's Small Black Ribbon

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black ribbon 9/11On the 12th year of the horrific events of September 11th, the search engines are offering some level of remembrance for those who lost their lives. Google, Bing, Ask.com and others in the search industry have placed ribbons or powerful background images to pay tribute.

However, many are not happy with Google only placing a small black ribbon under the search box. The deal is, Google does not do logos for sad events - they only do them for happy events. So a ribbon, in Google's case, is appropriate. In fact, Google has only placed ribbons on their site since the beginning, you can see yourself by looking back at 2012, 2011, and 2010.

If you want to read the complaints from Google users, go to the Google Web Search Help or Google Webmaster Help Forums.

In any event, here the home pages of some of the search engines today.


Google On 9/11/2013


Bing On 9/11/2013


Ask On 9/11/2013

Search Engine Roundtable:

Search Engine Roundtable  On 9/11/2013

Yahoo is missing a logo or tribute on their home page, as is DogPile.

Update: Dogpile added a tribute later in the day:

Dogpile On 9/11/2013

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help & Google Webmaster Help.

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Marion Jacobson

09/11/2013 02:45 pm

Not exactly. Google honors dead people all the time with elaborate doodles. It all depends on your perspective. This isn't a day to commemorate a terrorist attack (or a "sad event"), it's a day to honor and remember all those who lost their lives, including those who gave their lives in service to others. Worth more than a tiny black ribbon, IMO.

James Lan

09/11/2013 03:58 pm

A ribbon means a lot more than photos or words depending on how you think of it. It gives more room for people to contemplate that tragedy.

Milton Friedman

09/11/2013 04:09 pm

How could people get upset about that. Google is at least honoring the tragic loss of life over a decade after it happened.


09/11/2013 04:42 pm

Since when do you determine what "worth" is and how much that "tiny black ribbon" is "worth"? Google feels that days like these should be set apart and wants to set a somber, quieter mood to remember the dead, as they should. It's an artistic choice and nothing more. And as with much art, it's all about the message. It's absolutely simple-minded to think that the effort put into making art or how elaborate it is is what determines how much it's "worth".

Darren Johnson

09/11/2013 05:18 pm

I think that Marion also feels that you can't be patriotic if you don't have your 'murica' lapel pin too. Because meaningless symbols are more important than actual thoughts or deeds.


09/11/2013 05:20 pm

Google honors the lives of noteworthy people. It doesn't honor or commemorate their deaths.


09/11/2013 05:33 pm

Yeah, I need minimum of at least 13 ribbons and they must exceed a minimum size of 1200x1200 pixels. Why does Google hate 'murica?!


09/11/2013 06:01 pm

Dear searchers, Get over it. Signed, The Internet

Marion Jacobson

09/11/2013 06:08 pm

Actually, Mr. Johnson, I don't believe we've met so I doubt you know what I feel about anything and you definitely have no idea what I might consider to be patriotic. And Luke, I'm quite sure you weren't calling me simple-minded for expressing my own opinion and reaction to Google's "artistic choice", right? Resorting to personal attacks on people you don't know who express an opinion that differs from your own could be considered simple-minded. I'm glad you each have an opinion, and I respect your right to express it, and disagree with mine. That's just one of the things that makes this a great country.


09/11/2013 06:29 pm

"I don't like your opinion on my opinion, so stop giving your opinion!"


09/11/2013 06:31 pm

You're the one who said 'worth more than a tiny black ribbon', so it can clearly be assumed you assign worth to ultimately meaningless symbols that meet your standards.

J. Ashley McGinley

09/11/2013 06:44 pm

And I never see a Remember the Maine or Remember Pearl Harbor or Remember Kansas City remembrance.

Marion Jacobson

09/11/2013 06:49 pm

The larger issue continues to elude you. It is your opinion that the symbol we're discussing is "ultimately meaningless" and you're entitled to that opinion. However, my opinion about the value of Google's symbol is just as valid. Google may have decided that the tiny black ribbon that links to nothing is a sophisticated, low-key, respectful symbol of the importance of the day, and that's fine. I just disagree.


09/11/2013 07:31 pm

shut up - you are a moron


09/11/2013 07:32 pm

2 million bikes on DC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hjyae1a0plQ

Marion Jacobson

09/11/2013 07:41 pm

And that's the level of public discourse today.


09/11/2013 08:08 pm

Dogpile does have a logo on its page, and even has a commomoerative message at the bottom.

Barry Schwartz

09/11/2013 08:09 pm

Not when I wrote this.. I'll update.


09/11/2013 08:13 pm

Who gives a shit?


09/11/2013 09:30 pm

I think peoples responses to your comments are waaaay over the top. Even if they disagree with you. It's sad when Google is more politically correct than Bing. With current events happening, I think remembering September 11th is more relevant than ever. Clinton fumbled on handling Al-Qaeda. They took several shots at us to see our resolve. In the end they were convinced we were a barking little dog who wouldn't lift a finger to bring them to justice, which led to the attacks on 9-11. Now we have a president who is fumbling on foreign policy, like Clinton, and repeating history again. Hopefully, Pres. Obama handles Syria right or we might end up encouraging Al-Qaeda again.

Jason Surrency

09/11/2013 10:21 pm

Google doodle sure does honor every communist or secret society (illuminati) member when they can and you can always just tap the doodle to find out what it means. Past artists, poets, and high ranking elite all the way back to the 17th century. Fuck google! Biggest spying network in human history. Some sheeple won't believe anything till they are turned into a lamp shade...keep trusting your govt. they wouldn't lie to you. The people that don't live in reality will be forced to deal with it one day

Mister E

09/11/2013 11:17 pm

you sir give a disservice to Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Bavarian Illuminati (the only real group to ever use that name.) People like you will belive anything someone tells you. If you think of some people as sheeple do yourself a favor and look at your own views. Do you study both sides of an argument? Do you double check your facts? Or do you hear something on Alex Jones and call it fact because Alex told you? You want to feel smarter then others, fine. But do the work to actually be smarter. Yes there are some weird things about 9/11, questions that may never have answers. Yes it does appear that the government does not want anyone to have those answers. That does not mean our leaders are reptilians who shape shift into human form by consuming monoatomic gold. There are secret societies out there, no I'm not talking about the Freemasons. Masons come from all walks of life and most are decent people. That does not mean to say that none of the high level masons are not a part of some conspiracy but I'd worry more about the three people inducted every year into the "skull and bones" group (not their real name) as well as the other secret societies that exist in the other ivy league schools. The Illuminati fought against hierarchical power structures. Thomas Jefferson was accused of being a member (and only said he was not a member after the group had disbanded, he never said he had not been a member when they were still active. perhaps the reason why their symbol, the eye over a 13 level pyramid made of 64 bricks ended up on our great seal.) because he fought for equality for all people. Had it not been for the power mad Alexander Hamilton this country may have turned out much better. Every time someone calls the conspiracy the Illuminati the real conspirators like the skull and bones group are laughing all the way to the bank as you ignore whats really going on and discredit one of their biggest enemies ever.


09/11/2013 11:21 pm

I think something simple-like a black ribbon, can be more powerful than a larger more elaborate image. It's about the event, and the fact that Google went out of their way to remind us. It's about what happened, and how we feel about it, not how one company shows that they care.


09/11/2013 11:30 pm

Or for that matter, Remember Benghazi.


09/12/2013 12:09 am

I like Dogpiles the best... Being a part of a family from New Jersey, I love New York. I was in 7th grade in 2001 and all I could think about was the towers that really defined the skyline I loved, no longer being there. The attacks, however, were not soley on New York. What about the dead and missing at the Pentagon? What about those on flight 93? Remember all who passed that day. God bless.


09/12/2013 12:35 am

i was actually curious about this which is why i found this site. seems im not the only one! but, after reading some of the comments i can understand why they might have done it. however, it should have gotten its own google doodle. google remembers artists and scientists from over a century ago and things that most people don't even care about :l yet 9/11 gets very little tribute. I'm not sure what to think but I'm not exactly happy with it.


09/12/2013 02:03 am

Some people may simply have too much time on their hands.


09/12/2013 08:14 pm

Oh yeah, what did Google for previous 9/11 anniversaries? On 9/11/12, they celebrated "Argentina's Teacher Day." Is that ok with everyone? On every anniversary, they have avoided the real meaning of 9/11. Google "google doodles" to see the previous doodles by day. And then switch to bing.com.


09/12/2013 08:14 pm

And some simply don't care about anything.


09/12/2013 08:15 pm

For most of the anniversaries, they didn't even use a black ribbon. Switch to bing.com.


09/12/2013 08:15 pm

Google showed they don't care. Look at their previous doodles for 9/11 anniversaries.


09/12/2013 09:14 pm

But that wouldn't be me http://goo.gl/N6pyv


09/12/2013 11:45 pm

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09/13/2013 01:03 am


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09/14/2013 11:39 am

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