The Search Industry Respects 9/11 Ten Years Later

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I cannot believe ten years ago today was the day of such terror that hit New York and all Americans. Today, on September 11, 2001, is a day no one will forever forget. Everyone I know, remembers what they were doing, where they were and the events of the day.

To remember 9/11, this year, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Dogpile, and other search engines have special logos, themes and messages to remember the day and the Americans lost that day.

Google has a small black ribbon with text that reads "Remembering September 11th" linking to a blog post.

Google 9/11 2011 Ribbon

Bing has a very nice home page theme:

Bing 9/11 2011

Yahoo made their whole top bar black, never seen that before from Yahoo:

Yahoo 9/11 2011 9/11 2011

Dogpile, they even change the O in their logo:

Dogpile 9/11 2011

The search industry has typically done special logos or themes to remember the horrific day. Here is the 2010, 2009, 2006. I do not have the other years here.

Now, a lot of you ask why not a Google logo? Google does not do logos for sad occasions.

Finally, this is an image of the Google home page on 9/11 ten years ago, when many news sites couldn't handle the traffic of those all rushing to the internet to find out what was happening...

Google 9/11 2001 home page.

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09/11/2011 07:30 pm

There is no message with link at from Germany. Even with a usa-proxy it's  normal as always. Tested with several browsers. But I will always remember and your article gave me the link. 


09/12/2011 07:45 pm

Wow, great graphic on dog pile

Alex - CMO @ The HOTH

09/13/2011 07:25 am

Reluctant as I am to give credit to msft, the Bing page was by far the most striking. Definitely something that makes you want to pause for a moment and reflect. If I remember correctly, on 9/11 & the days after, Google even set up a directory for people that were missing to link with their relatives who were looking for them. I was only 15. It was all really surreal to me then, but its pretty real to me now. Took a while.

john lewis uk

09/13/2011 08:43 am

Well that is nice, its a good move by all search engines. Big Nations won't forget their past. May God bless us all.


04/19/2012 04:59 pm

Not that I consider it a duty or a necessity, but I noticed that not a single web search engine thought it worth the trouble to create some neat little graphic concerning the worst domestic terrorist attack on American soil.  But they shouldn't feel bad - every flag I've seen today has been at full mast meaning that our own government has forgotten the misdeeds of Timothy McVeigh. But that's ok, I will never forget the one hundred and sixty-eight empty chairs that adorn the lawn beside the reflecting pool, between the gates of time in the heart of Oklahoma City.

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