How Long Does It Take To Clean Up A Hacked Site Mess In Google Search Console?

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When a site gets hacked it can cause lots of problems for the site owner. Of course, the ranking issues and penalties that may be associated with the site. But once your rankings come back, there is the left over mess in Google Search Console.

Now that the content keywords report is gone from Google Search Console, there is less of a mess in Google Search Console after a hack. But there are still some reports that can have a mess, like anchor text reports and weird links and 404s and so on.

The question is, after you clean up the hack, how long does it take Google Search Console reports to show proper data?

Google's John Mueller said on Twitter assuming everything is indeed cleaned up properly and the hack is really gone - I guess often people think they fix the hack and they did not - John said " it'll go away over time." How much time is that? Who knows.

The example above is an issue for 9 or so months now, after the hack was supposedly fixed.

How long does it take in your experience for Google Search Console reports to update?

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