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Google Amp Video

Yesterday, Google began sending out new AMP errors for video embeds done wrong with AMP. The errors read "Missing embedded video on AMP page for" and lists your domain. I received the error and I dug into them and most of them the videos on those pages are so old that they either no longer exist or something else - they were not worth fixing because the content is so stale on those pages.

The error reads:

Google systems have detected AMP pages on your site that are missing videos contained in their corresponding canonical pages. Users expect to find all of the relevant content on an AMP page they would find on the equivalent canonical page. For the best user experience, we strongly recommend embedding all relevant videos in both pages.

Here is a screen shot of the email I received.

Google Amp Video Errors

When I clicked through to the details, I reviewed many of the 22 examples of these errors and again, mostly all not worth fixing yet:

click for full size

Marie Haynes also received these notifications for some of her clients and posted it on Twitter - she said "This is new to me. Google is sending emails to let sites know that their amp pages could also have video (like the corresponding desktop pg)." Indeed.

Note: Not all notifications Google Search Console sends you requires action but they should all be reviewed and a decision should be made.

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