Google AdWords Location Targeting Tips

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At the new Google Groups, even more wholesome good tips are being offered, this time from users to users.

Today's subject is on Location Targeting. Using Location Targeting, advertisers can take advantage of their audience based on the location they are searching from.

Two tips are being offered:

One suggests that you take advantage of IP-based targeting. Google is able to figure out where users are searching from by looking at the users' IP addresses. A more detailed location targeting tutorial is referenced.

Additionally, you can achieve location targeting by including the location you wish to target in the keyword. Google can figure out the location due to query parsing. However, if you utilize this, it takes priority over IP targeting. Also, be liberal - don't include location targeting and location based keywords (since that's overkill).

You're also able to use location targeting for ads on the content network and Google uses the IP address to target. Finally, it's noted that local ads are not preferred -- you're still competing with other AdWords advertisers for the same location.

Forum discussion continues at Google Groups.

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