Publishers' Top Requests to Google AdSense Are...

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A WebmasterWorld thread is gathering the top 5 publisher requests to be shared with Google's AdSenseAdvisor. Forum member participation is building up, with the following requests being made thus far:

  1. Ability to block more than 200 sites in the Competitive Ad Filter
  2. Ability to block by keyword in domain name. The example used is that a publisher wants to block and -- but wants to use "spammydomain" instead of having to use up 2 slots (see #1) for the filter.
  3. More advertising channels.
  4. A minimum CPC option.
  5. Ability to enhance blocking by phrases on the landing page
  6. Ability to block ads by keyword
  7. Implementation of a referral program where commissions can be granted.
  8. Make the AdSense Manager easier to use

Is that all? Nope. There are more requests. A few of these requests have even been echoed by more than one publisher.

What are your topmost priorities for the Google AdSense team to consider in the upcoming future? Join the forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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