Yahoo Advertising Platform, APT, Launched


The Yodel Anecdotal Blog talks about the launch of APT from Yahoo, a new digital advertising platform that advertises "quality inventory" and "drive[n] results."

Here are some features of APT for Yahoo, according to YahooPete:

  • For publishers, this platform is designed to open up access to large demand and help improve yield from all inventory, while simplifying ad management. It is also designed to help publishers create new revenue opportunities by cross-selling with other sellers to increase supply.
  • Advertisers and agencies will be able reach a large scale of quality audiences across multiple properties on a single platform, and harness insights on those users, helping to drive better performance as they simplify media buying. It will also broaden the offerings that agencies can offer to their clients.
  • Ad networks will gain access to more audiences and demand--including Yahoo! and the largest ad exchange--in one place, simplify the process of doing business with all of these partners, and expand revenue opportunities.
  • Partners and developers will be able to easily bring their technologies, solutions and innovations to a vast marketplace, and help all buyers and sellers do business more effectively.
  • Users will benefit as well, with a more relevant online experience. They'll see better targeted and more engaging ads.

Will you get APT immediately? No -- it's currently being rolled out slowly to Yahoo users and this will probably continue though 2009.

Now guys, what exactly does APT stand for?

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