GraphOn Sues Google for Patent Infringement

Aug 19, 2008 • 10:01 am | comments (1) by | Filed Under Other Google Topics

CNET reports that software maker GraphOn has filed suit against Google for violating its patents in a multitude of Google products, including Google's Base, AdWords, Blogger, Sites, and YouTube.

Is GraphOn in the right here? Forum members are not satisfied. Here are some reactions: most news stories I hear about, it seems like patent holders are a pack of pedantic, nipple-twisting sharks who deserveth not a place in society.

[Patents are] more often a nuisance applied by bottom feeders that normally wouldn't be able to make money in the real world. They just sit around and think of obvious applications and file them and then kick back and wait for your patent to be granted and then sue everyone for creating those obvious applications.

Looking closely at the patents suggests no real patent infringement. One forum member who reviewed a patent says "The first patent describes every remotely user-content driven site ever. I have a sneaking suspicion here that everyone on this forum could be sued successfully if this holds up."

(But of course, GraphOn has sued the moneymaker. As incrediBILL says, "Grab a lawyer and join in the gold rush!")

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

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