Google AdWords Editor 6.0 Users Report Statistic Download Glitches

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Last month, Google released AdWords Editor 6.0 and now people are starting to encounter technical glitches with the software. In particular, the length of download for statistics has increased and "render[s] the tool useless" for many. In fact, you can't download individual columns or data -- everything must be downloaded, which might contribute to the delay. Unfortunately, you cannot revert to version 5 once you upgrade to v6.

AdWordsPro has contributed to the post and says that version 6 has the following changes over version 5:

  • When you select the stats interval, v6.0 of the editor downloads fresh statistics for the entire account.
  • A progress bar now shows up while statistics are being downloaded.
  • The stats download occurs in the foreground so you cannot use the editor for any other processes during that time. You can cancel the activity though and resume it if you need to do other tasks with AdWords Editor.

In a way, by reading these reports and reading Google's response, it feels like Google AdWords Editor 6.0 is a step backwards.

Forum discussion continues at Google Groups.

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