Google AdWords Groups To Gain Two New Representatives

Mar 18, 2008 • 8:00 am | comments (0) by | Filed Under Google Ads (AdWords)

Google AdWordsPro posted a thread at Google Groups announcing that his/her 20% time is not cutting it for answering all the questions in the Google AdWords Help Group. So because of that, they have enlisted two new AdWordsPro guides.

The new representatives will likely post under the AdWordsPro username but sign off as either the normal AdWordsPro or 'AdWordsPro - George' or 'AdWordsPro - Martha'.

AdWordsPro said:

The overall goal in doing this is to help this forum gain a reputation as a place in which an answer to an AdWords related question can be expected rather quickly (particularly during normal business hours - PST) - whether from a valued member such as our very prolific poster 'Lakatos', for example, or from an AdWords employee posting as AdWordsPro.

Forum discussion at Google Groups.

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