Is it Worth it to Build Links for Bad Websites?

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Wiep Knol wrote an interesting post on how to build links for crappy websites. I'm sure many of you have been there: your client has a website that has no real value and you want to build links to it. How do you politely tell them that you can't? Some just won't give in. Then you'll have to build links with other bad websites and eventually someone will realize that the rankings are manipulated and you'll probably lose what you've earned.

In the end, Wiep suggests that you build quality articles to avoid this problem. It's a better long-term goal.

In stead of promoting crap, make sure to start with improving the website, for example by changing the website structure, its layout or by adding quality articles.

But Roger Montti makes a counterpost to the effect that you actually can build links to crappy websites. He lists several ways to get this done: buying websites and domains, developing sites that attract links, buying links, do some real networking with real people, build a nicely-designed website, and don't slack.

Still, a lot of folks believe that it's just difficult to build links to crappy websites. Using the money in your pocket is an easy way to succeed, though. But in terms of natural link building, it's really difficult.

It's an uphill battle when a client is always looking for the quickest way to the cheese with as little investment as possible instead of establishing a long term marketing strategy. In the end, most of them reap what they sow.

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