How to Create a Customized Google News Page

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Do you hate Britney Spears? You might if you find that she literally is highlighted in Google News everyday. With all her recent insanity problems and the endless custody battle, you might get sick of seeing the same story again and again and again. At least you're not alone. A Google Groups member can't stand it!

How do I eliminate stories about Britany Spears without deleting Entertainment? It doesn't seem to be possible.... help!

So how can you filter out Britney, Paris, and Lindsay from your Google Entertainment News? Simple. Marcela from Google explains how:

You can create a custom section based on the standard Entertainment section, but sans your desired search term. To do this, go into the "Edit this personalized page" mode (top right). Select "Add a custom section". From there, there's an "Advanced" option. This opens up more custom options, including a Section drop-down, from which you can select "Entertainment". Now all you have to do is add [-"britney spears"] to the Keywords box. You can even rename the section with the Label "Entertainment" if you want; now everything looks the same, but any stories focusing on Britney Spears should now be excluded.

If it's your first time personalizing a page, you'll need to go to Personalize this Page:

Personalize Google News (Step 1)

Once those settings are saved, click on "Edit Your Personalized Page":

Edit this Personalized Page (Step 2)

Now click on "Add a Custom Section":

Personalize Your Page (Step 3)

Click on Advanced on this screen, and then you can drill down to the right section (Entertainment). At this point, you can exclude all Britney Spears news by typing [-"britney spears"]:

Eliminate "Britney Spears" from Google News (Step 4)

That's all there is to it.

Forum discussion continues at Google Groups.

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