Burglars Search Google to Help Steal $12,000 from Safe

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Yesterday, 2 burglars tried to raid an amusement center, but after an hour, couldn't open the safe, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette.

The burglars tried to disable a security camera by repeatedly spraying it with WD-40 — it only cleaned the lens — and spent an hour and 15 minutes trying to open three safes, apparently unaware that some types require the dial to be turned two or three times.

So what did they do? The turned to Google for help and got away with $12,000.

Barry at Search Engine Land says that after search terms, "how to open a safe" and "how to crack a safe" gave them the boost they needed.

The duo have not yet been caught.

They should've done their research beforehand, really. As DigitalPoint Forums members suggest:

this isnt really news, we all know we can find anything on Google :P

(Now why didn't they search Google before they got to the safe?!)

With their use of WD-40 and their brains, it all makes sense.

As police detective Chuck Ackerman says:

“They’re not professional safe people,” said Colorado Springs police detective Chuck Ackerman.

Definitely not. But why haven't you caught them yet?!

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