Why Does My Yahoo Cached Page have a Different Title?

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A High Rankings Forum member has run into a very strange issue on Yahoo. She has recently optimized her page and sees that it is updated in Yahoo, but not all elements seem to have been updated.

I just completed optimizing a site and was surprised to see it already cached on Yahoo (not google or MSN). When I click on "cached," I see the brand new content and complete optimized page. The title and description on the SERP, however, remains the same. Why would it have crawled and not change this pertinent information?

There are a few things that could have caused this problem:

The page could be pulling the title and description from the Yahoo directory which can be addressed by adding a NOYDIR directive.

Another possibility, though rare, is that Yahoo! could be pulling the DMOZ title and description.

And finally, it is possible that the data centers still have to synchronize:

It wouldn't surprise me at all of the caching is handled by a completely different set of servers from the datacenters that handle search and the display of title/snippet. If this is the case it should eventually sort itself out as all of their server farms catch up with your current offering.

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