Microsoft's Gates To Focus On Search

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Bill Gates is determined to keep the Microsoft legacy alive as long as he's working for him. A WebmasterWorld thread references an article by Mr. Gates where he has vowed to keep the online services -- including search -- alive:

Gates, Microsoft's founder, has said that he will work with the company full-time until mid-2008. In his remaining months, he said that his efforts will be mainly directed toward "search, buyers and sellers. ... That will be my biggest thing."

WebmasterWorld moderator skibum thinks this is an "interesting novelty":

It sounds like this says we're determined to focus on using own own proprietary technologies and do our own thing despite what the marketplace wants. Since they are MSFT and they have billions maybe they can make it work.

It's time for innovation, and there's only about a year left for him.

But other moderators think that the focus on these online services can have promise. Receptional adds:

I've seen demos of that - there's a video about it somewhere and it's a potentially awesome (even frightening) technology.

Imagine every image on the web being knitted into its very location in the world, so that you end up with one 3D virtual picture of the planet, that you can view from any angle.

Will it happen? Or is it going to remain as "potentially awesome?"

Discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

You can also read additional commentary by Barry at Search Engine Land.

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