Will Google's Purchase of DoubleClick Affect Google AdSense?

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Friday's announcement of Google's acquisition of Doubleclick has created a storm of posts in a variety of forums about the challenges this acquisition will pose to competitors and Google AdSense and AdWords publishers. A DigitalPoint Forums user asks how the purchase, if at all, will affect Google AdSense and AdWords Publishers.

Do you think it will boost Adsense's publisher's earning, as we all know that DoubleClick is market Giant in Advertising services?

What's the short term answer? Most members feel that the acquisition will not affect AdSense publishers.

For the long term solution, this might actually help them:

Ithink they will open a new way of advertising. Like said in another thread, they will use the research & tools to diplay ads that users are more likely to click, thus increasing ctr and eleminating some fraud. When CTR is naturally high, I don'tthink people will cheat the system as much. They may even track AdSense related websites to see if such things do happen.

Do you agree? Forum discussion continues at DigitalPoint Forums.

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