A Good Place To Be For Local Businesses: Google's New Plus Box

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Now this is a Google box that you want to be in, hopefully. Google has released a UI feature in the search engine results called the "Plus Box" awhile back. Barry has some past discussion here. It is basically an expandable box that will show a map of where your business is located. Google figures that this will make it a lot easier for the user to find location information for a business without taking the extra step to use Google maps to find the location (or visiting the website). This is a nice feature that will add more usefulness and uniqueness to your search listing.

Example of the "Plus Box" SP32-20061212-123517.gif

Matt Cutts has a full explanation of the Plus Box including how to get your business included in the box and other answers to how to correct your address if it is wrong. The only thing not answered is how to get rid of the "Plus Box". While a useful service, I question whether it will discourage a visitor from clicking on your search engine result listing and visiting your website. This way you can get information from Google as opposed to visiting the website to find the contact information. Some people may not like that very much.

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