Google Showing Seller Location On PPC Ads

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Search Engine Watch user davec004 has posted a question on the forums regarding the word "Georgia" appearing underneath a PPC listing in Google. I've also seen this occuring on the term [car insurance] for an account which my housemate and PPC Guru, Duncan Parfitt, coincidentally manages.

Google Showing Seller Location On PPC Adverts

I just put this down to just one of those “features” that sometimes crop up in search results, although a similar occurrence on US adverts appears to show that Google is performing a low scale test. I would assume that this is connected to either Google Local features, or more likely, Google seeing whether reference to a geographical location increases CTR or conversions.

With the search leader already making plans to move into the Cost Per Acquisition model with some verticals, is this a sign of them automatically including copy which is proven to increase targeted clickthroughs and therefore a more efficient CPA model?

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UPDATE: I've just contacted the person running the above Car Insurance campaign and they have confirmed that this is simply geo-targeting and that it's been out for a few months now. With this in mind, I can't believe that I have not seen this before. Surely advertisers in verticals such as these would be fighting to use these features to make adverts even more personalised and targetted?

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