What Would You Ask A Google Engineer?

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What's your favorite music? Why am I banned in supplemental hell? What can't I rank? Who is Google Guy? Do you know Sergey? What this business about the "trustbox"? Does Google hate me?

There is a very interesting thread on WMW about a member on the board who claims he is having an hour meeting with a Google Engineer today. He says he gets to ask about anything regarding organic search and is asking members of the forum for questions he could use. Now, I don't know how he got to be so rewarded with an hour meeting with a Google Engineer but it will be interesting to see what happens as a result. Additionally, I know not all Google Engineers work on the organic search algorithm, so the Google employee may not know more than an anyone else. I know I meet a lot of Google engineers at the SES Google Dance party and pretty much all of them were not allowed to know specifics about the organic algo.

So what is on webmasters minds these days? This thread offers a unique chance to see what people are really concerned about with Google. What is causing confusion and things they are looking for clarity on.

From the thread here are some of the most common questions people are wanting to get asked and answered by Google. Matt Cutts has answered some of these questions via his blog and some of these topics do have answers, why others do not.

  • 1. Ask them what they are doing about subdomain spam that keeps coming back into the index.
  • 2. Our site is in supplemental results due to redirect, canonicalisation, ur rewritting, duplicate contents etc. and has been fixed by webmaster (page has been 301 redirected etc.) how do we get those pages out of supplemental results?
  • 3. Ask this engineer if pages can be pushed into supplemental because of lack of inbound links.
  • 4. Please ask if the meta tag "noarchive", applied to every page in a site, causes any degradation in ranking at all.
  • 5. Does server location influence rankings on specific datacenters?
  • 6. I would like to know what google is doing to combat the site scrapers.

There seems to be a lot of questions regarding supplemental results, sites disappearing from the index, redirects, and links. To be fair, #5 from the list we answered in the Search Pulse show from Tuesday.

Continued discussion at Webmaster World

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