Google Analytics And Secret Messages

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If you were lost on an island, with only a computer and some mysteriously awesome wireless Internet connection, and wanted to send an S.O.S. message inside a tool, and, you were a woman and therefore, nobody in their right mind would ever dream you'd code for help. Well. What would you do?

This fantastic thread, that threatened to be deleted because it was thought to be embarressing, has the stuff anyone dying of boredom would love to see. It has binary and bit shifting stuff, Google analytics, extensions, programmer lingo, a fiesty female who was forced to show herself, detective programmers, the stupid forum owner, and if you bear with it, you may wish someone ran off with the Butler or married somebody's cousin. It would certainly fit into the thread.

Cre8asiteforums: Google Analytics And Secret Messages is dedicated to all the brilliant programmers among you, and Jennifer, Steve and John.

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