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Last night I wrote about being Accepted by Google Base to Sell Through Google Payments. This morning I discovered I have a "Buy" button on my Google Base page. So I created a product for a $1 and placed an order, let me take you through the buying and processing process at Google Payments...The buying process at Google Base through Google Payments:

  1. Viewing the product page, displays the Buy button at the top and bottom of the page;
  2. Clicking on the buy button takes you to a secure checkout "place your order now" page which looks like;
  3. You are then taken to enter your payment information
    • If you are not logged in, the screen asks you to either create a Google Account or login to your existing Google Account;
    • If you are logged in already, or if you login from the previous screen it takes you to just enter your payment information;
  4. Then you go to an orders detail page that allows you to review the order before placing the order;
  5. After placing the Order, I was presented with this thank you screen.
  6. From this screen I was able to click on my receipt which looks like;
  7. I was also able to click on my purchase history from the thank you page;

The Processing Order Process at Google Base through Google Payments

  1. In my dashboard I now have this screen under my orders page, which shows the order as "New";
  2. I clicked on the order and was presented with the details, and a button to "charge this order"
  3. Which then put the order in the status of "charging";
  4. Then I confirmed the order and it set the order into the status "Completed";
  5. And this is the screen you see when its completed; see it allows me to archive the order;
  6. Since my bank account is still not confirmed, I am not able to receive any "payouts" yet.

    That is the update so far.

    Forum discussion at Search Engine Roundtable Forums.

    Update: Next Day I have now been verified.

  7. I clicked on verify my account and entered the $0.44 deposit I saw in my online bank statement.
  8. I then clicked on the "payouts" tab and was told I can not be paid out more then $500 until I "upgrade" my account.
  9. I entered my social security number to "upgrade" and now I can accept larger pay outs.
  10. This is what my settings page looks like after being fully set up;
  11. I guess the next update is when I get paid for the $1 order I placed.

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