The End of the Sandbox to Coincide with MSN Search Launch?

Dec 29, 2004 • 12:08 pm | comments (0) by | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

There is an interesting and unique theory on the Sandbox over at WebmasterWorld. The basic premise of the theory is that Google is having a capacity problem. The sandbox is unintentional, and that is the reason Google won't say a word about this theory. You ask a Google representative, they will deny it. The reason they deny it is because of the IPO, the soon to launch MSN search and the other recent entries in the search market.

The theory states that we can possibly see a 'fix' for this sandbox issue before MSN new search engine comes out of beta. I personally do not agree about having a "capacity" problem, because I agree with bakedjack's response on the second page that this is not an indexing issue but rather a ranking issue. However, even if it is a ranking issue that Google can not admit, that would be fine by me.

Unfortunately, the thread seems to be steering a bit off the initial topic at hand. But It makes for an interesting read, at least for first page and some of the posts on the second page.

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