So Many Firefox Extensions For Your Pleasure

Nov 16, 2004 • 1:19 pm | comments (0) by twitter | Filed Under Miscellaneous

Found a good list over at Highrankings with a multitude of firefox extensions. Install firefox, plugin many of the extensions below and you have yourself a pretty nice browser capable of many things. It also appears Jill has given up her old browser (Clickgarden...what's that?) and decided to make the Firefox her default browser. Thanks Phil for this list:

DOM Inspector - Web Developer - EZ Nav - Adblock - Super DragAndGo - Checky - Bookmark Synchronizer - Diggler - Statusbar Clock - Slogger - User Agent Switcher - Google Pagerank - googlebar - Mozilla Calendar - Search Status - SwitchProxy Tool - ColorZilla - ConQuery - Prefbar -

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