Hilltop and Theme Based Optimization

Nov 4, 2004 • 9:23 am | comments (0) by | Filed Under Search Technology

Ever since the beginning of 2004, after the Florida update in November 2003, there has been discussion of the hilltop paper and "theming" a site's pages. In fact, read some of the past entries on the topic written here named: - Dan Thies Writes on the New Google - Webby's Back - Topic Austin Theory - Authority Can't Do it Alone - Bring Out the Hub - True Meaning of Themed Sites & The Level of Importance in the Ranking Algorithms

A topic over at WebmasterWorld named Anyone besides me not swallowed the "Hilltop" magic pill yet?, started by moderator BakedJake, discusses this topic. It is true, in my opinion, that page ranking at Google has nothing to do with themeing your pages in your site. I have spoken with experts who tell me this is the case and even Google Reps hinted at this.

The question is, "When you play chess you try to anticpate your opponents most likely next move(s), and make make your move accordingly. So planning today for hilltop tommorow, isn't a bad idea." That is for a different thread. :)

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