Usability for Seniors - Considering The Older Crowd of Users

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Found a interesting discussion today over at Cre8asite Forums, about keeping in mind usability for senior citizens. While it may be something that we don't necessary consider in the usability for our sites, it may be good to do so. We all age, and I know that sometimes when thinking about usability we often look at it from our age range. If you are a senior citizen and you are designing a page for them, then you will most likely provide information that may interest them. But what if they can't access the information? What is the font size is too small for them to read? This is the first article I have come across as of recent that details specific strategies for working with an older age group, not necessary those with disabilities.

The article goes on to talk about "nice summary on how our vision changes as we age along with design guidelines on how to compensate somewhat for these changes". As well as how our hearing changes as we age. What was interesting in the article was how for those that are older, the experience may be the opposite of what someone younger might experience. This fact corresponds to how our cognitive processing changes and how we respond to visual stimuli.

Worth a good read for those that factoring in an older demographic into their sites.

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