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Interested in learning more about SEO/SEM, but don't know where to start? An excellent must read discovered over at SEW Forums, relating to what you should know when you get into search engine marketing. Nacho, a moderator at SEW forums, goes into detail about covering the basics first and move on to specific places and articles you should check out. Without revealing to much, I thought the following was very appropriate recommendation from Nacho:

1) The Golden Rule of SEO: DONT OVER OPTIMIZE, BE NATURAL. 2) Dont SPAM or use techniques that the risks are high enough that you might loose it all one day perhaps overnight. 3) Think what is best for your users first, the search engines will adapt. 4) Stay up to date, search engines change, users change, businesses can change for the better or worse if not up to date.

One more thing I would like to add to those reading. If you are concerned with the breath and over-whelming amount of information, as Nacho points out "read, read, read until your eyes hurt". Additionally as a side note of my own, don't believe everything you read! Test it for yourself.

Begin (or brush up) your education and learning on Search Engine Marketing

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