Misspellings and Synonyms

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No one ever talks about misspellings on forums or in articles anymore but they are still a very viable source of traffic. And synonyms are a whole new realm of traffic potential that many of us are aware of but I'll be honest I slack a bit when doing my research for anything below 2000 searches on the overture search tool.

When ADOBE the software giant called me and said "Hey SEO Guy we need your help finding all the misspellings and synonyms for our products" obviously my first response was "ADOBE! No problem" but after I hung up the phone I realized that other then wordtracker and inventory overture there werent any decent resources I knew of to start hunting! So naturally I head out to forums in an attempt to learn what I should have in my pocket over the weekend posting thread such as http://forums.seochat.com/t10149/s.html at SEO Chat but it really hit home that I wasnt offering a complete service if my keyword research doesn't exhaustively involve the likely hundreds of keyword phrases that bring only 50-200 hits per month. I know most clients only have the budget for their top 10 to start but even to put together a package for them to follow to be able to take advantage of them on their own will only put more dollars in our clients pockets and mean then have more dollars to spend on us at the end of the day.

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