The High Cost of Ignoring Search and Usability

Mar 29, 2004 • 2:45 pm | comments (0) by twitter | Filed Under Web Usability & SEO

This article fell into my little world today and it's a keeper. It's about the high cost of NOT finding information.

The high cost of not finding information by Susan Feldman of International Data Corporation (IDC)

     "We know that roughly 50% of most Web searches are abandoned. That translates into 50% fewer online sales, 50% more frustrated customers trying to solve a problem or get information, and 50% more phone calls that must be handled by a person rather than by automatic systems. At an average cost of $5 per phone call as opposed to less than $1 per automated call or mere pennies for finding an answer online, that is expensive."

This is just scary.

     "Finally, there is the increasing problem of too much information. In the case of the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant disaster, for instance, operators had so many error messages thrown at them that they couldn’t identify the main cause of the problem. With disastrous results. One wonders whether the recent Northeast blackout can also be attributed to that cause.

Some search companies are mentioned in the article and it discusses intranet usage.

     "Information disasters are caused not by lack of information, but rather by not connecting the right information to the right people at the right time. People use information within the context of what they are doing. They need to have access to the right information, but only when they need it. And they need to be assured that the access is guaranteed, easy, fast and reliable."

The real kick in the pants is nowhere in the entire article does it mention Google.

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